Dawn Across The World 1 ~ African Blue Lady

    Copyright Lyne's Creations February 2015  All Rights Reserved


Dawn as a beautiful African Lady via Virtual World's Faces of Africa,
wearing African Wear 1 (includes headwrap/hair!) by kobaltkween.
Ken Gilliland's African Goshawk from his "Songbird ReMix Birds of Prey Vol 2" all from HiveWire,
parrotdolphin's Floral materials at Renderosity applied to the top and skirt.
Dawn's pose is from DM's "Pretty Dawn" set by Danie & marforno at Renderosity.
Lion is from ilona's 2D painted "Animal Kingdom" set at Renderosity .
Acacia tree is one I re-worked from an Acacia that came in the DAZ Floating Mt. set.
I changed it's trunk bark material and the scale of it, in Poser.
Then I refined/rearranged it's leaves and trunk shape in photoshop.
The frame is from one of moonbeam1212's sets, modified in photoshop.
Background is from a very very old set called Blended Florals -
by 4udreamcatcher, no longer sold at Renderosity.

Poser 2014 & Photoshop
Lights by Fabiana (always MeterHigh, Mild Boreal or Warm&Soul)
(I tweak the lights to suit, as well as any pose I use.)

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