The Adventurer
Copyright Lyne's Creations July 2016 ~ All Rights Reserved

This all started when I was playing with materials on the new HW "Adventurer" outfit for Dusk
(I added buttons on the shirt, and some sleeve folds, applied parottdolphin's Linen (Medieval mat set)
Once I had him posed, I thought: Well I better use him in something....and this scene was born.
Dusk as Rodrigo, HW Cowboy hat (material by CWRW). He carries a rifle made by Questor.

The whole scene is set in/with Mel's Serene Waters... but what to have Dusk walk on? I took
one of the parts of the 2D background and built the 'steps' with their reflection... I added more
vegetation - Dinoraul's Philodendron (with bump turned way down) and LisaB's palm leaves....
Ron's spider web brushes and a spider from somewhere.  I believe the bull frog is by 9mb.
Songbird Remix Ken's Moths of the world, as well as his Amazon Macaw (with feather colors
changed by me) bring the scene to life.

Poser Pro 2014 & Photoshop

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