Travis on Mil Cat

Created by Angela Taylor (Alla at Renderosity)


Just in time for the holidays...Trav wants Turkey! :)
and just NEW: Punkin is an angel! :)

by randym77

griffin.gif (55336 bytes)  
Logo created by Jeff !

from my Original Griffin



December 2018

Decorating the Tree
Centauress Decorating her Christmas Tree
Warning!  LARGE IMAGE! (a must to see details)


Meeting The Minis
a HUGE image born from a dream I had about mini horses !


One Perfect Moment
Pretty girl, beautiful horse, dogs and cats
Warning!  LARGE IMAGE! (a must to see details)

Poetry 41
added a new page of poetry

High Born Lady
Warning!  LARGE IMAGE! (a must to see details)
Victorian Lady sitting side saddle in lovely southern surroundings


Return To Atlantis
Diver Dawn discovers a Mermaid Riding a Seahorse!

Leafy Seahorse
Fanciful leafy seahorse created with the HiveWire horse!

October 2018

Dawn of the Witch
Happy Halloween!

Undersea Playmates
Companion piece to the Silver Siren
Baby Luna and HW Big dog as mer-creatures!

A Vampire Dawn

Happy Halloween!

Updated my most current Poetry Page
scroll down to find the yellow "NEW" ~

The Silver Siren Calling
Dawn as a Mermaid!

I'm Seeing Spots!
Inspired by CWRW's new HW horse-Appaloosa coats!
Warning!  LARGE IMAGE! (a must to see details)


Good Morning Sunshine
Centauress greeting the dawn

Good Morning Sunshine

September 2018

What's It Like To Be A Turtle?
Still so charmed by the original Hilda, I'm at it again!

In The Swing of Things!
My Hilda-inspired character again...this time this irrepressible lady
is enjoying a swing on her old tree swing with her Robin pals!
Warning!  LARGE IMAGE! (a must to see details)


Sunday Afternoon Bike Ride!
My Hilda-inspired character again...this time this irrepressible lady
snatched the baby birds in their nest to take them for a bicycle ride!
Warning! Very very LARGE IMAGE! (a must to see details)

Up A Tree
Hilda inspired art continues!

Warning! Very very LARGE IMAGE!

August 2018

Walk On The Wild Side
The HiveWire ~White~ Lion & Dawn!

The Painter
Another Hilda painting!

Oh Dear!!
I have fallen in love with a little known 1950's pin up art gal ~ Hilda!

How I make the purest Home Made Bread!

*UPDATED~ click here for fully illustrated (photos)
of the whole process, from prep to clean up!

This page is a lot more detailed for the whole process
from preparation to baking to clean up!


Lazy Hazy Afternoon
Just a quick piece, not entirely happy with it

For The Love of
the Lions ~ Returning Home

*inspired by the most recent Tarzan movie*

July 2018

Lion Family Life
Incredible new Lion models from HiveWire!


Keep Your Eye On The Ball
Finishing up beta testing 3 gorgeous new coats for the
fantastic new HiveWire Big Dog resulted in this fun piece!


For the Love of Firefly
inspired by Joss Whedon's show of the same name,
and my love of Nathan Fillion in the lead roll.

June 2018

Siren's Song
Mermaid image & Poem
Warning! Very LARGE IMAGE!

Beach Babe (Redux)
I added a Labrador dog for interest!
Still - Very very LARGE IMAGE!

Beach Babe
Warning! Very very LARGE IMAGE!

Jeweled Beauties
Centauress and Mermaid!
Warning! Very very LARGE IMAGE!

Tango of the Tiger-Taurs

Lady Paloma of The Horse Whisperer Clan
Warning! Very very LARGE IMAGE!

May 2018

New Poetry page
that I'll be adding to as time goes on

The Wedding Reception & Gift Presentation
(part 2, with close ups of new "-taur" creatures)

April 2018

Preparation For the Royal Wedding
Fantasy Centaur Clans gathering in the main large image
and five close-ups of characters ~ linked off main page!

Happy Easter/Spring!

March 2018

Magic Among the Ruins
Dawn as a Centauress, with Piccolo Dragon

Victorian Portrait
Dawn & Dusk in a stately photograph from the "Darcy era"

The American West
just what it my learning to convert
conforming clothing to Dynamic to fit Dusk!


February 2018

Feline Fashion
Lovely lady with Leopard
Warning! Very very LARGE IMAGE!
if your monitor/browser will not zoom
you can also view it in my Rendo Gallery
in a smaller version, with the ability to click
to enlarge in increments.

Softness & Sparkles
Kittens and Diamond rings
with lovely lady

new HW big dog and his kitty pal


A lady and her cat in the mirror
(dedication poem to Fabiana)

Secret Rendezvous
Another Romantic Piece

A Stroll Through the Past
nostalgia Dusk/Dawn piece with poem

Among The Ruins
Lovely lady standing among the ancient Ruins...

Rescue Attempt
First Art of the New Year!


December 2017

Cowboy at Dusk
A bit of "beefcake" to usher out 2017!

Another Christmas Greeting Card!

My Christmas Card for all my friends and family
with my Christmas letter too!

Gypsy Romance
A Romantic Evening in a Gypsy camp


November 2017

Evening Tranquillity
A Wild "savage Dawn" and her leopard
relax at the end of the day..

Added detailed step by step instructions on a very QUICK way to

Life is a Cabaret
art and poem...this one should have been
a quick fun piece....but...!!

I Love My Shoes!
I really am a 'shoe freak' but never could wear
shoes like first in Second Life and now in
Poser ~ I can 'live my dream'!  :)

October 2017

Halloween Love
Little Boy and his *Black Cat*  ;)

Page 12 Dynamic clothing tricks~
Need clothing clutter of clothes just strewn about in a poser scene?
How To - Using Dynamic clothes to lay clothes on a bed,
dropped on the floor, etc.! 

Updated Poetry page 39
New Poems starting below the California Chrome poem

A Glamorous Halloween art piece:
Beautiful Vampire

A Glamour Mixed Media Piece:

Childhood's Play
poem and art


September 2017

White On White
Lovely lady in a Beach House...

Moonlight Beauty
*semi-pinup* G rated. :)
Finally back to my more "artistic" style art,
now that I have gotten used to my new mouse & tablet
from doing very "technical" style projects.

Before the Race
art and poem inspired by
 the race horse California Chrome

August 2017

Updated - Added to- the poems
See bottom of page 39

Lyne's Creations Free "Shades of Chestnuts"
MAP conversions for the HiveWire Horse

The Arrival
A Harry Potter movie-inspired image from
the Goblet of Fire- Pegasus pulling a carriage, and more!

Girl's Night Out  (shopping!)
VERY large image!

July 2017

Smokin Hot
Dusk cowboy portrait

Boy's Night Out
Or... "The Night of Many Dusks"  playing pool  ;)

My Little Girl-Self & poem:  inspired by a recent dream

Sitting Pretty
I'm sooo SLOWLY learning new tools for art w/bad thumb joint
(using both a pen/tablet & trackball mouse w/ball on top)
by doing an art piece "in honor of Dawn/Lully's talent"



June 2017

Lost in Time
pure fantasy- unicorn
*Warning! Very Large image!*
(requires the ability of your browser to zoom larger or smaller)


May 2017

Loss in Spring
Another Nickie Memorial Art
and another poem

Poetry 39
started new page of poetry,
will add more later, probably


*Nickie Memorial*

Morning Gallop
An art piece I'm proud of, but took a LONG
time to produce, as it came at the same time I
lost my last sweet cat- my beloved Nickie cat.
*Warning! Very Large image!*

Dress Rehearsal
for Racing Day!

Life On The Edge
a frogie comes to town!


April 2017

Dwarven Dragonrider
Through a comedy of errors, Dusk became a Dwarf...
*Warning! Very Large image!*

Meeting the Family
Little "fire-lizards" meet the Spotted-Centaur!
*Warning! Very Large image-you may have to use your
browser's zoom % level, but details are worth it, from
the mini-dragons right down to the tiny sparrows!  :)

Also included on this page are two photoshop tips/tricks explained.

First Sign of Spring
American Indian Dawn-
the completion of a very special project!

Shy Contemplation
an 'art nouveau' style piece

The Lady In Spain
inspired by a new dynamic blouse by Lully

A Solitary Life
(Dusk as a Mountain Man)

March 2017

Moon Play
....another cougar art piece
created in the style of the old masters...

The Last Cub
Cougar Mother & Cub

February 2017

One Cool Dude
portrait of Handsome Afro-American

When is it My Turn, Mommy?
HiveWire's incredible new Cougar and Cougar Cubs!

Warrior of the Serengeti
Dusk as an African Warrior

Nap Time
A better, I think, kitten art piece.

Here Come The Kittens!
HiveWire's Housecat- KITTEN is finally here! :)

January 2017

updated my Poetry section
apart from a heavy emotional load,
MY ART is my salvation!

*Close Ups of my characters from A World Apart, with credits*

 Dawn playing Violin Close-up

Captain of his Own Ship Close-up

Elven Queen Close-up - 2 versions

You can view those from here, or at the bottom of the main image:

A World Apart
A very large image with 3 Elven Dawns and Dusk
on an island... NOW includes links to close-ups of my characters with credits


Morning Dove in Mourning
Beautiful American Indian woman in mourning
and a tribute for a friend who passed.
Warning: extremely large image!

Freebie Chipmunk Images to use in your art!

Getting Ready
First in a "set" of 2 images, rather like a story.

Gazing Across the Sea
With poem that came out of my art image

Obligatory Christmas Sweater

Indian Princess


Road Race
Taking Baby For A Ride

Dedicated to my Brother, who loves cars and knows just about everything about them.
He gave me this idea after seeing my last piece of art with these figures, and my showing
him the gorgeous model Porsche on it's store page....

Lyne's Creations FREE "Indian Ponies"
MAP conversions for the HiveWire Horse


Lyne's Creations FREE "Great Ape" body shape
Pose for the HiveWire Gorilla


A Kiss For My Baby
The Baby is not what you think it is!  ;)

Christmas Sweets
I bought Dawn a Car for Christmas!


Santa's Little Helper
The first of my Holiday efforts:
A little girl and her cat help bring gifts to put under the tree..

Horses of the Heartland
My dream come true- to be able
to create a herd of horses in an
image inspired by the Canadian
TV show: Heartland!

Another Anime style piece:
Minako's Ready

Two new pieces featuring HiveWire's Sora for Dawn
a stylized Anime character!
On the Defensive

Tarzan to the Rescue!

Lyne's Creations Free Pose Sets for
HiveWire 3D's Diva for Dawn & the HW House Cat!


Kitty Isn't Happy...
Another Halloween flavored art piece!
(plus and "easter egg" of a hint about a possible
new freebie from me....!)

Lyne's Brown/Gray Travis/Nickie Cat maps
 for the HiveWire Housecat!


On Halloween Night
Beauty comes out of Hell
(art & poem)

The leopard and house cat exchange
"fur coats" in a Halloween magic spell!

Best of Friends
A horse and his cat!


And a second new house cat idea:
Kitty Dreams

After a really brutal week of trying to
recover, through meds that didn't work
an awful heat wave, with my AC dying
and getting replaced... I got a gift to help
me feel better!  The new House Cat!
My New Toy

The morning of my big oral surgery
(wish me luck!)
I finished this: Oh Brother!
The Jungle Book inspired scene with the
Black Panther and young boy...

The Pure Beauty of Dawn
A pin up of Dawn at the beach just for fun!

Sweet Baby
Leopard cub and his caregiver
(as my oral surgery looms closer, and I'm waiting
for the AC repair guy - again) life goes on! :/

A Peaceful Evening
The Sheik and his prize Arabian in
relax for the evening...

Who Is That Terror In The Mirror?
The leopard cub discovers 'himself' in a mirror!

Moving Day
Mother Leopard moving her cubs
to a safer place...

Arabian Fire
Arabian Oasis scene
As Sept. begins, I continue to do as much art as
I can, trying to distract myself from my major oral
surgery that is so frightening.... :/


Updated my EZSkin2 Settings for use with Caucasian
 skin colors with note and image

My Little Anole Lizard

Let Go of My Hair!
Tending an orphan leopard cub at home

Jungle Play Date
The Gorilla family is hosting a play-date
with their baby and a leopard cub!

Let's All Get Along!
One more with the HW Leopard...
"Cat-Taur" (centaur like man) and his
misbehaving companion...

Serengeti Afternoon
Two magnificent leopards enjoying a waterhole
on a hot afternoon on the Serengeti!

Attack of the Lovebirds!
A Black Panther encounters angry "parents"

Fast Friends
My new "African Leopard Centauress"
with her Leopard companion... have to admit
I'm extremely proud of this one!  ;)

Tranquility At Twilight
HiveWire's new Big Cat- the Leopard!

A Teeny Tiny  Friend
Little girl & her lizard, Poem and note
about my consult yesterday!

Note: Aug. 3rd. 2016
I've been a 'creating demon' lately, trying to
distract myself from my HIGH anxiety over
finding out all my teeth have to come out, &
I have to have dentures made...this all came
as a shock from a dentist lady with a BAD
bedside manner, who would not listen/care
about ME and my needs... when I suddenly
 had two teeth break off... but how bad my
teeth are was a shock!  It's taken me months
to even FIND a dentist...and that dentist's
 treatment, plus my utter shock, landed me in the
ER with a terrible anxiety attack... now my son
and daughter in law (bless them!) are coming to
my rescue...and today, I'm trying to hold my nerve
to go to an oral surgeon CONSULT tomorrow
and hope I like him... and then have this scary thing
 done...  So! My latest art that I'm very proud of:

A "Liger Centauress on a Space station!

What's For Dinner?
a Moth a Lizard and Golden Eagle…


Aine's Discovery
Little Irish girl discovers colorful gecko!

Looking for the Perfect Shell
Dawn visits the Tidal Pools

Working Woman

art & poem

Urban Camouflage
A statement on our times (art & poem)

Added more poems to page 37

The Adventurer
Trekking in the Rain Forest...

A Splash of Color

Beer & Blades!
Yo Ho Ho!  ;) There be a Pirate!


an up to date Zorro art piece done with the iconic rearing horse pose!

Dino Riders!
Beautiful woman and her daughter riding dinosaurs!

Sun Goddess
art experiment

Creating NICE lens flares in Photoshop!

Portals to My Dreams
(art and poem based on a true story)

Power & Stealth
"Tarzan" and his Great Ape companion
Companion piece to A Moment's Respite

Added a new How To:
how I create fur on a black Gorilla

A Moment's Respite
A jungle warrior lady takes a moment…

*Would you like the background scene from this art piece?
SEE IMAGE PAGE FOR Jungle Background psd FREEBIE link!
Go to Lyne's Freebies Index


A Family's Struggles
Homeless family art/poem

added some poetry


A Mothers Loving Patience
Mare & Foal art

Sharing Secrets
a girl and her foal

HiveWire Family Photo album
Links to the large original "photo" art pieces...

April 2016

Hanging onto Magic

SnowFire Graphics Produce Props 1 (fruits, some veggies) set

March 2016

The Georgian Era Revisited

Dream's Inspirations
~A place to do art~

Added more Poser Tips
added tips on creating a "light bulb" in poser
and my EZSKin2 settings

Mother's Lessons
(art therapy with poem integrated into this art piece)

Serene Dream
art with Poem

Created an "index" of my Poser tips and tricks here!
7 pages of tips/ideas that will be added to now and then!

Her First Pony!

Updated/filled up - my Poetry page 36


Princess Monica
posted on the leap year day of Feb. 29th. :)

tasteful pin-up

Winter Hunters
Cowboy out Hunting in Winter

The Old Cowpoke
Cowboy art & poem

January 2016

New Art Section!
Postage Stamp Style Art

You'll Get Lost in Her Eyes

Giant Moths in Art
stunning new poser models!

The Blue Lady
art and poem

Luna's Radiance
Dawn as a Pixie, new Luna Moths

December 2015

Her Christmas Pony
art and poem of little Luna asleep on her rocking horse!

WIP (work in progress) of a darling little
girl and her brand new Christmas rocking horse!


card for family and friends!

Comfort in a Friend
Poem and artwork

November 2015

Restructured my Autobiographical Poetry Index Page 1
(tried to give a brief description of the types of poems on each page)
and added new Poetry page 35

UPDATED! I felt it needed to "pop" see Rainbow colored horses! :)
Somewhere Over the Rainbow
Pegasus Family in Beautiful Cloud-Sky!
Now includes poem!

Updated my Self Portrait page
and added "Biographical" stories page.

She Loves her Rings!
Portrait of Dawn wearing V4's rings and earrings

Nickie/Travis on Rug
(cat art inspired by the Lesley Ann Ivory Cats)

October 2015

Little Luna is delighted at the site of all the Budgies playing!

Added NEW FREEBIE- "Bunch of Budgies"
Birds and play platform prop included!

Pretty As A Picture
Portrait of an old fashioned girl

A look at some of my Projects on "Work in Progress" pages:

My Poser settings PLUS Texture Transforming V4 to DAWN
(includes one Photoshop texture conversion of M4 map to Dusk)

How to create 3D art of Poser Renders

Texture Transforming M4 to Dusk

Howdy Ma'am!
Handsome Cowboy and Poem!

September 2015

Daddy Boots
She got into her Daddy's Cowboy Boots!

Aspects of Me ~ Guardians
Artwork and Poem/Prose

The Need for Fathers
Artwork and Poem

Need to cast a shadow when compositing rendered characters
with a previously rendered 2d background? This action might help!


August 2015

The Evil Queen
inspired by the ABC TV show Once Upon A Time!

Prince Charming & Snow White
inspired by the ABC TV show Once Upon A Time!

Updated Poetry Section with:
pages 33 and 34

Playing Dress-Up
Little Luna found her mother's clothes...!

Trick Horse
She wants to be a trick rider...

Mermaids~ For The Love of a Child

A Baby's Fascination with...

July 2015

Mom's Garden
I tried to re-create my Mother's Garden view!

Updated Pages:
Living with Silent Syndromes (Fibromyalgia)

and NEWS on the CAUSE!

A Book that is changing my life!
and is giving me a chance to grow once again!

Parade Ready
Arabian Horse Portrait
This horse is all tacked out for riding in a parade!

Learning to Swim
Mer-Mom & Baby!

A Cowboy's Friends

(caution: large image- as most of my art
is these days, about a 1.5 mb jpg!)

June 2015

Hang On Tight
(mother and baby art & Poem)

A Woman's Fantasy

Dancing Druid Dawn
(inspired by the new TV show: Outlander)

Wild Neon Nights
Dawn's out on the town!

For the Love of a Child ~ Bliss
mother, Father & baby artwork

For The Love of a Child ~ Asia
mother and baby artwork

May 2015

updated my Spiritual Journey Story
(note: I used my text to speech software, so there may be typos.
I added the story of my experiences with white light-saving baby chickens!)

Baby Luna
I love this new little newborn girl!

Modern Geisha
(best viewed at just 100% or even less)

...And She Knows It!
(best viewed at just 100% or even less)

Asian Enchantress
(best viewed at just 100% or even less)

April 2015

Hey Mister...Wanna Dance?
Dawn is ready to do the two step in her new boots!

Added a page to the new section showing my experiment
in creating a 3d image!!

Added a Whole New Section to my Website!
Tips, Tricks and Experiments with Poser 2014

March 2015

Descendent of the Dragon
trip back in time - V4 with Eastern Dragon
Caution: HUGE image!

My Art Muse is hiding at the moment
I'm having more trouble with depression.
Added a few poems to my current poetry page.

Dawn Dublin Portrait
a conversion of a V4 Skin to Dawn!

Spirit of America
Native American Dusk

Dawn Across The World 3 ~
Afro-American Beauty
*best viewed at 100% (and no larger) zoom in IE 11*

February 2015

Dawn Across The World 2 ~
Maasai Bride
*best viewed at 100% (and no larger) zoom in IE 11*

Started a NEW page of Poetry

Dawn Across The World 1 ~
African Blue Lady
*best viewed at 100% (and no larger) zoom in IE 11*

Edited, and added to my current Poetry Page
(Scroll down to the magenta colored line of words to find NEW poems)

Sole Survivor
Native American on his pony art piece

Edited and Updated My Spiritual Journey Section
(with the story of my recurring dream of my death from a previous life)

(added screen capture of my art used for another
banner at the HiveWire store!)  *blush!*


Howdy, Pretty Lady!

Bikers Dawn & Dusk!


The Dawn of DUSK! new Male figure from HiveWire3d!!
My "name-inspired" art piece of both Dawn & Dusk!

(added screen capture of my art used for a banner at the HiveWire store!)

December 2014

Added new page to my Poetry Section
(and actually PUT my new poems there today!)

My Original Fable-Poem book
is now on line!

Holiday Greetings to All!

November 2014

Thanksgiving Greetings to All

Dawn of the Future
portrait art

Free "Nickie-Noodle" Texture Map for Noodle the Toon Cat!

Free Farrow the Rat Dragon Morph/Maps/Pose Set

Added Another page of Poetry

October 2014

All Hallow's Eve
another art piece and little poem

Halloween Haunts
art and little poem

Friends Forever
a "part 2" to Making Friends with the Mustang
CAUTION: large image!

Happy Halloween 2014
(large image!)

There's a New Cat in Town!
The adventures of Nickie and the tabby doorstop!

Playing With Friends
Long hair "Nickie" cat with hummingbirds!

Added a Close Up of The Great Horned Owl

From Mustang Friends

September 2014

Making Friends with the Mustang

True Love ?
Fantasy Art with Toon horse/cat/fairy by 3DUniverse

NEW Freebie! Set 2 of Horse Coat color maps for Harry!
"Shades of Grey" (including two more "champagne colors")

Added more poems to current page

Unlikely Friends (main image with both)
Portraits of each:
Kirin Centaur
Caracal Cat Centaur

The Magical Kirin
artwork and poem

Drinker of the Wind
Arabian horse in the desert art piece

August 2014

Full Scene of the Magical Centaur Unicorn Mage!
Warning: Huge image!

Portrait of her Father!
Unicorn Centaur Mage

Centaur Mother & Daughter Art
Warning: HUGE image!

New page of POETRY started

Warrior of the Wilds
Amazon Warrior & her Horse
Portrait Close Up of Her

July 2014

Set 1 of my Mil Horse coats Converted for the HiveWire3d Horse!

2 little "resting poses" for TumbleWeed!

Gentle Giants
The beautiful new Draft Horse with little Willow

Yeek! I am back on line with a new
Computer and OS! Yay!

(click on Computer Specs)

New Page of Poetry
(and added to...I'm trying to get all my poems
up on my website as a "backup" before my
big computer change over!! So I am adding
poems as they are finalized.)

June 2014

Horsin Around!
Humorous Equine Art

The BEST Garage Door Repair Co!
You should have seen this silly giggling woman standing in her
garage repeating: "oh my gawd, it's SO quiet" - my new door
really is 'whisper quiet'!!  It just "wow's" me every time I use it!

A Girl And Her Horse 2

Updated my Newest Poetry page

May 2014

Live in San Diego County? Need honest top notch AC/Heating
repairs or installations?  Look at this!

I feel I have had my lungs "saved" by the care and quality of this company!

The Nobel Horse
New Poser Horse model, the greatest ever!!

A Very Hard Week - New Poetry Page With Poem
about the devastating fires that raged in my county.

Happy Mother's Day!
Unicorn Mare & Foal Art w/poem

A Girl And Her Horse
(created with the original old Mil Horse)

April 2014

New Freebie- DAZ Millennium Horse MORPHS & MAPS Freebie!

New Freebie- Diamond Pony Texture map set

New Freebie - TumbleWeed morph & map set

The Return of my
Star Trek Dioramas!

New Poetry Added to this page
Newest poems are after the enlarge dividing line of *asterisks*
(I'm nothing if not prolific...I think my  poetry is my "blog" of my life's journey!)

Centaur Joy
Warning: LARGE image!

A Girl and Her Horse
(art & poem)

March 2014

A Dream of Freedom
(hippocampus art & poem)

New page of Poetry
"working on my core life issues"

February 2014

New Art & Poem
Centaur Warrior

New Page of Poetry

My Heart in Chains
Goth Valentine With Poem

The Lady and Her Dragon
Boris Vallejo inspired art!

Stand Alone Poser Mountain Goat (adult and baby)!

Stand Alone Poser Super Kangaroo/Wallaby Pack!
(adults and babies!)


January 2014

It's Personal!
fantasy art & poem (warning: violence)

Jan. 2014 - Nickie's new "apartment!

Whole New Page of Poetry!

My Special Diet:
Dealing with water packed Tofu to it's best advantage!

(picture included of my "Tofu Flan"!

First art of the new year!
American Indian Spiritual piece:
Deer Hunter

December 2013

Happy Holidays!
my 2013 Holiday Card/poem

Irish Imp
portrait of an Irish Elf
(but "Imp" sounded cuter!)

Proud of Herself
new art and poem

Portrait of a Country Elf

November 2013

Stand Alone Poser Goat & Sheep Families!

New page of Poetry

October 2013

Budding Artist
(sweet little girl drawing on walls
plus Poem!)

Art: Strong Emotions (Medusa)
with Poem
CAUTION: Mild Nudity

New Poetry Page Added!

Moon Goddess At Home
art and poem

Fall Sunshine
fairy art & sunshine poem

Free Stand Alone Poser FARM Pigs!

Flower Fairy Portrait

Flower Fairies
Caution: large image, nearly 1 mb jpg!

September 2013

Relaxing Fairy (pin up art, caution: mild nudity)
Caution: large image, nearly 1 mb jpg!

Free Stand Alone Poser WILD PIGS!

Moon Goddess Traveling Home
WARNING! Very Large Image! (1.40mb)

Portrait of the Future Girl

The Future of the Past...
Steampunk Meets Sci Fi world! (art & poem)
WARNING! Very Large Image! (1.50mb)

Added another long page of new poems
I can't stop writing about my life!?

I Dreamed A Dress
true story of designing a dress that I saw in my dream!

Discovering Me!
I wrote a poem, decided a pretty sci fi girl would
illustrate it well.

August 2013

New Freebie! Bighorn Sheep!

Cut It Out!
(Steampunk art & poem)

My Prayer
(little girl art with prayer Poem)

Summer Country Girl
(art and poem)

July 2013

Poser Stand Alone Little Bird set!

New Art/Poem

Completed a very Special new Piece of Art
(with poem)

June 2013

Added another Poetry Page
(new in July: added a great many more poems)

NEW Freebie!
Original Stand Alone Poser Okapi Family!

Updated, and Added Several New Poems
to this Poetry Page

Fairy Garden
(new art)

May 2013

Added new Page: Poetry 19
(caution: explicit lyrics of
highly personal Poems)

Morning Sunshine
Art & Poem

Missing Love
Art & Poem

Feeling SO Low
Caution: Nudity

Added to: Poetry page 18

Shy Fawn:
Momma's Little Girl

Centaur Deer's Fawn! (large image!)

April 2013

A Dear Dear; Party Girl
(close up portrait)

A Dear Deer
Fantasy Art and short poem
Caution: Nudity

A Dragon's Heart - Art & Poem
and a close up of same:
A Dragon's Heart Portrait

Caution: Nudity

Stand alone Poser Skunk Freebie!

Inner Beauty
(caution: mild nudity)

Reaching for the Power of Life

March 2013

Daughter of the Dragons

Added a new page to Poetry
with long poem of angels and god
and more, one about cleaning out emails! :)

February 2013

Steampunk Cutie art

Art & Poem

FREE Poser Giraffe mom & baby!

Added to Poetry Page 17

More art from my terrible health year...

January 2013

New Art & Poem about my harsh life lesson I just suffered through.
I am still recovering, it will be a very long road, but I am HOME!!

I updated ALL my Favorite Links pages! (see home page)
now you can find 3D galleries, stores, and Freebie sites - guaranteed!  :)

Edited Poetry Pages
Poetry XV
   Poetry XVI 

and added Page Poetry XVII

Added Free Poser Elk Family!

Added Free Poser Reindeer!

New Fairy Art/Poem

December 2012

Added Historical Art of the Roaring Twenties Days
with poem!

Holiday 2012 Art - Here and Here

Giraffe & Little Girl art

Added Page 15 to Poetry Section

Unfortunately Fall is being nasty to me, with getting sick.
I added poems railing against being ill on a new Poetry Page.
Added art to go with those poems - links for the art are
noted with each poem.
*NEW poem about handling depression in winter.

November 2012

Halloween Gone Flat Poser Art

Free Poser Roadrunner Poser Model

Cast Off Doll art

Added a new Page to Poetry
Personal Growth! Added poems here..
Letters to my lost love...

New page of Poetry
Broken Dreams, Frustrations, unrealistic wishes

Poser Geese/Swan Freebie

Added a new Page to Poetry

October 2012

Poser Flamingo Freebie

Continuing on my Life Journey - New Poetry X

Pumpkin Pinup for Halloween

Started a new Poser Art Section

A different kind of Grief ~ A Tribute to my Aunt

FREE Original Stand alone Poser DUCKS!

Saying Goodbye to Second Life

Added more to:
 Poetry 8  &  started new page: Poetry 9

September 2012

Added Page 8 to Poetry

Little Girl With the Flue (art and poem)

Attack of the Gnat (art & Poem)

Added Art: Pinup Blues (with poem)

Added Page 7 Poetry
(and added more poems to several of the existing pages!)

Added New Art & Poem- Surviving Earthquakes!

Added Another Page of Love Lost Poems

Added my Freebie DAZ Bear re-map

and Poetry Page V- Little bit of humor Poems

Added Poetry Pages: IV-Serious Poems

Added an Art Piece and Poem about Living with Syndromes

Added to my Life History-Poem

August 2012

Added a Poetry 3 Page!

Added my Poser Chickens FREE page

Added Art to my Broken Heart/Abandonment Series

Added a new section for the occasional ADORABLE KIDS art pieces I am creating

OK, I admit it, I have come out of the closet....I seem to be a poet!?

July 2012

A little Precious, A Little Sad (art & poem)

Deer Family Morph/Map for the DAZ Buck FREE!

Updated Nickie Texture for DAZ Mil Cat FREE!

June 2012

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Lyne's Wild & Domestic Rabbits

Lyne's Moose Family set

May 2012

Lyne's Free Bovine model, morph, map and Props set!

January 2012

Dealing with Grief & other Self Realizations


Lyne's Creations Models/Morphs/Maps are now FREE!
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Do you live with a chronic illness of some sort?
My experiences and research on FM, IBS, and other things:
Living with Silent Syndromes

My Spiritual Journey Story - my path to my inner self