Lyne's Creations Weimaraner Dog
Morphs by Lyne and Bloodsong, Map by Lyne

wiredogwebpic.jpg (29107 bytes)
See below for post render examples & tips!
wiredogwebpic2.jpg (28791 bytes)
With just a tiny bit of post render work, your dog will be ready to bark!
I used a smudge tool to round off the tail where I cropped it. (The invisible box
on the tail segments I didn't want to show have been checked). I also did an
add noise filter on the ears, then a minor motion blur to give them hair.
I smoothed out the rough edges, and spot fixed up the  eyes. Below you
can see where I changed the color of the map by simply lowering the
saturation of color on the map. I am not a dog expert, but I think that
these dogs can be a brownish or a grayish color. Below is the more gray version.

wiredogwebpic3.jpg (28292 bytes)