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Using my "fur technique" (see my tutorial section) I brushed out my Poser 3 cat with
my new Siamese Cat Texture. (look in Morphs section.) The bunny is a "9Lives cat" morph.  
The cat's eyes were achieved with a combination of post render painting and Eye Candy's Glass
filter, in Photoshop 5. I also put the pillow material on in photoshop. The potted plant is from my
Zygote Sampler CD.  Bryce 3 created my blinds for me, much to my surprise! I put a
flattened bryce cube behind the cat, and begin experimenting with textures for a wall
covering when this one texture "became" the blinds! FYI the wall is way behind the cat, 
in bryce space! If I move the wall closer, I loose the look of the blind texture! Blind
cords were created with Infini-D and Bryce.  I am not entirely happy with the cat's fur,
but after hours and hours, I finally just said "enough"! The poser cat's body is not easy
to pose in a laying down position very accurately. Also, working with a light color fur  
is very difficult for my brush technique to "get ahold of". I did use layers in Photoshop
to keep the cat fur separate from the blinds and pillows. In some ways this is good, so
there is not much "repair" to do after brushing, but in other ways, this keeps the fur from
looking quite as "furry" when it is able to interact with a background.