My Pre-Earth History

Before and Arriving on Earth
(Who I KNOW I was, see my Spiritual Journey story... and
 these are notes from Daryl's life experience and research to fill in the facts)

We had been here before, this was not the first trip just the last. It was not as early as being prehistoric, i.e. dinos etc it was pre-history. It was off Egypt hundreds of years before the pharaohs. Back then the Sahara was a fraction of the size it is now. There were actually thriving civilizations in West Africa and active trade routes between North Africa and West Africa. We were there to study evolution of plants, animals, and people. Some of which had been "seeded". Europe was a bunch of nomadic tribes then. We also infused certain technologies, in terms of metallurgy and other sciences.

The ship we came and lived on was submerged in the Mediterranean Sea off of what is now Egypt and Libya. It wasn't a huge ship and all total there were only about at most a dozen of us. For some reason the number 9 sticks with me. As far as I can remember, I was part of the crew operating the ship we traveled and lived on. Ron was the security officer, and I think that was a military position. You were a zoologist, Gerrie was a botanist. Do you remember me telling you about my friend and mentor Olaf? He was the second in command. I also told you about that very powerful, negative, somewhat evil being, George, do you remember him? He was the ship and mission commander. The personal conflict between Olaf and George is what brought the mission to grief and how we ended up stranded here. Their animosity continues through all the lifetimes. I think I might have been like the communications tech type of crew member. The commander (George) and 8 crew and scientists. I believe there was George, Olaf, me, Ron and one other person that I think was female as the crew. Then there were 4 scientist types. Everything about the ship was super automated I believe. Also there were dozens of remote control drones for surveying, gathering data and samples.

My job was some sort of technician and I kept the journal of the mission. In the Navy it would be the equivalent of a ships log. Everything that happens is recorded in that log. Our job was basically to gather data and samples. The scientists really didn't actually do the studies on board during the mission. They were on board to determine what to collect. Then everything was taken aboard and the studying began on the return trip home, and continued when we got home. We weren't supposed to be here long and definitely were supposed to limit our contact with the people. I think it was supposed to be a few weeks at most.

There were other aliens besides us there as well. There was an uneasy formal protocol that was followed to not interact with each other nor interfere with each other. That is why when things went bad for us none of the other, came to our aid. We were on our own.

<But I was sure I was a cave woman and a saber tooth tiger?>

Stone aged people go back 200,000 plus years and the last saber-toothed cats died out about 10,000 years ago. We were here probably in that 20,000-10,000 yr time frame. So it's conceivable that your recollections are correct. Knowing you, its in keeping that you would have cycled very fast. Dire wolves which I know I was one, died out about the same time as saber cats or 10,000 years ago. People came to North America 60,000 years ago. Native Americans lived in caves in the SW in AZ, NM and along the Colorado river as well as the Pacific NW in that time frame.

What I'm basing my time frame on is the geological makeup of N Africa as I remember it. 11-12,000 yrs ago the Sahara was in its wettest stage.
Early migrants crossed it between W Africa and N Africa regularly. So the timeline does fit. So lets say the Alien us met disaster 11,000 yrs ago. That gives a 1,000 yr span to be the cave dweller and saber cat and me multiple dire wolves.


Since you brought it up recently I thought I'd give you some background if I haven't already done so years ago. Back when we were coming as "aliens" we obviously weren't the only ones. There was a lot of territorial conflict going on between the different beings. That is why we needed a military presence, i.e. Ron, in the group. It's what ultimately led us to being "recycled" here and not on our own worlds.
Our trips here (there were multiples) date back to over 25K years ago.

These visitations by us and others and the resulting conflicts between the aliens has been documented in the ancient histories of the world.
Some biblical and some of it in the Hindu history. Reports of battles in the skies predate the biblical references and continued through the 16th and 17th Centuries. There are not only written records of these conflicts but also art renderings depicting them. I'm unclear exactly what led us to disaster, whether it was sabotage or direct attack, but I do know that these conflicts were the underlying reason for it.

Some of your "memories" might be actual living memories or they might actually be memories of things you observed on those visits. So don't discount or be confused by things you remember. It will take some intense introspection to begin to separate them and then after a while you will "just know" which is which. I have both and it took me many years to make the differentiations.

Some of the easiest will be when you "remember" things from an observer perspective and those that are first person and you aren't sure who or what you are. I told you about my most vivid earliest memories of running through a Pacific Northwest type of rainforest. I had issues with it because the perspective was so low I initially thought I was a child. But I discounted the speed as just distortion. But the more I focused on it through the years the more I realized the distance I was covering regardless of the speed was far too great for a child. That was one of my first realizations that "wow maybe I wasn't human".

Other memories I have are more 3rd person in that I'm watching something happen yet somehow I'm not directly involved.
on finding an art rendering of an "alien" on line, I was stunned at MY reaction that it was ME in the body I had before I reincarnated in an earth body... so I asked Daryl and he said:

It could be. The basic shape is right, no pronounced head and no neck.
Broad shoulders slightly tapering upper torso. We stood about 7-8 ft tall maybe 9 ft at most. Our skin in Earth lighting would be black.
Black is when all waves of the color spectrum are not reflected. The color spectrum of our world's light is different so we had a color there. Because our skin did not reflect light we were invisible at night if there was no moon. Blacker than black is a way of thinking of it. People with flashlights wouldn't see us from any appreciable distance at night so that was our preferred time to move about.

Another installment about our ancient past.

Why would beings from another world be so interested in seeding humans, and then monitoring their on going evolution, and perhaps manipulating it along the way. Why so many genetic variations in humans, all basically the same Homo sapiens species but with ethic variations, etc?

The answer is complex but in it's most simple form you must stop and think about the societies these beings come from. They are ancient almost beyond our comprehension. Stop and think about the reports of abductions. The ones most believable, knowing that a huge portion of them are false. But in that tiny number that are probably real there is a commonality about them.

I told you the greys are the genetically created drones that do all the low level work. They require minimal physical maintenance in terms of sustenance and sleep, etc. They come in two basic versions, big and small. Within those "versions" there are differences mainly in a few inches in height. Then behind them are the actual aliens who are running things.

Oh BTW all the different species coming here use those grey drones. It's like they all shop at the same drone-mart.

This is where it gets interesting. The controller aliens aren't always the same. Just go back through the histories of the "native" peoples and you will see tremendous variations in them. Some are insect like, others are humanoid, etc etc. But again there is a common thread. Those beings are all pretty much identical in appearance as well. There are no races or ethnicities among them.

Assuming each is from their own planet, and each of these societies are millions of years old, there arises a very real problem. Inbreeding can't be helped. No matter how they do their reproduction, physically or via artificially, at some point you run out of non-related reproductive material. The solution would be to manufacture new genetic material, DNA to infuse into your society. But it's not a matter of creating visable diversity, but to create new genetic paths.

So they can come here, and take genetic samples. They then manipulate those samples to weed out undesirable traits and to add in their own unique DNA to make the result indistinguishable from home planet originated DNA. With just enough fresh material to prevent the inbreeding issues. Also it allows them to study human DNA for genetic traits compatible with their own that will "evolve" their own population in a direction they want to take it. Obviously this is much easier to do with the humanoid type aliens. It is they who established this gene pool experiment and who guard it jealously from the others. It was the root of the wars that were recorded in our own ancient histories. These warring societies have since come to treaty agreements allowing different worlds "windows" of access. But I'm not sure it's stopped completely or that it will ever stop completely.

This is why some aliens come for animal DNA and others for human DNA. Some of the animal DNA might be to create new species or revive extinct species on their home worlds. Regardless, they come here for a number of reasons but mostly for DNA.

The insectoid species can pluck specimens to their hearts content as insects have been around longer than dinosaurs and there are more insects than humans.

Anyway I have to go to work but just wanted to pass this along while I thought of it.
I believe the middle star system in Orion's belt is a binary system. Our originating planet is from that system. Lots of water on it but the water might be different chemically but it's liquid and very close to H2O here.

The pyramids aren't all this power generation crap. They were tools and have spiritual significance to the Aliens. Tools in the sense of navigation, and intentional clues for when humans ever get "smart" enough to understand their orientation. They have star navigation significance in terms of not only orientation but their shape. Part of that shape significance is pointing out the origins of the "visitors". Stop and look at a pyramid from the top down. It's a starting point spreading outward isn't it. Pointing to a star cluster, spreading out from there. That is only part and it's the beginning part.

The aliens aren't religious in our sense but more spiritual, some of which is emulated by the American Indians. The use of the pyramid's has been "corrupted" by human misinterpretation of what they were taught. Because their written language was too primitive to really convey the message, it was all oral and as with such things it changes with each telling by each generation.

The Dogon people of W. Africa have kept most of it surprisingly clear. Back then the center of civilization was W. Africa, where the people were taught much of the technology that has disappeared over time. People never ask, where the ancient Egyptians learned their technology, i.e. things like mummification, and engineering and metallurgy. They learned it from what was the equivalent universities in W. Africa. The West Africans had bronze long before anyone else, and bronze was a quantum leap for weapons.

The Dogons make it very clear all that came from the Aliens, and the reason I've been talking about these people so much for years is because that was us who did that.