Never Heard of Poser?

Want to get into the world of 3d models, and graphic art?

The following paragraphs are excerpts from e mails sent to someone I was helping get into the world of Poser software!

Poser Artist is the cheapest way to go for beginners: this is an older version of Poser that is for beginners - and it does INCLUDE animals- horse, cat, dolphin and dog among others, besides people.

I would suggest just getting Poser Artist and "learn by doing- playing" with the program. I recently learned that Poser Artist does not come with a manual... but then the manuals are never very good anyway- and there is a HELP in the program interface anyway.

You may need this updater for your poser!

I don't know which version of Poser 4 that "Poser Artist" is...when they changed the name of it... but I do know my Poser 4 NEEDS the update to run in a more steady way... The main 11 mb updater looks like this updater would work for your Poser Artist as well.  You may want to write to Curious Labs and ask if you need to use this updater for your Poser Artist.


Poser People... keep in mind those are very very early people models in Poser Artist, with clothing...The clothes are awkward and not easy to use... For the newer figures, you can get "conforming clothing" - that with a menu click pops right onto the figure. This is one of the problems with the default poser people...they are based on very old technology. But if you were to get the newer figures, the clothing can conform! (conformed clothing will follow or stick to the human model as you move it around and pose it.

FREE Poser High Resolution models are available as a "come on" to get you into the DAZ store - they are GIVING AWAY a FREE Vicki3 and Mike 3 figure!!!! They are now always free... they do not come with a texture or clothes, BUT you can then get FREE clothes at other forums for them. The figures need hair (free too!) and will not have the body and face changing morph sets (those you have to pay for)...but they are a lot better than the ones that come with!

So.. join up at DAZ and even though it is free, I think you have to go through the "purchase" process...but your amount will be 0!! Go here: get registered (free to set up your user name and e mail)
then go here:

Then go to Renderosity.. (also free to join)
FREE Stuff...and choose the Poser section, and then do
a search on V3 clothes or M3 clothes.. it will take a lot of sifting through but you should find some items AND you can find FREE skin/face textures for both...

Then go here: FOR FREE REALISTIC HAIR!! and keep clicking "cancel" to installing the Japanese language, if that comes up as you go into the pages....and once there click downloads and find the most beautiful FREE poser 4 hairs for your figures!!

My resource links page:

and of course don't forget to go get my FREE dogs and horses textures and morphs at: - free to join. I think Nea is a figure that is an upgraded poser lady figure - she is at this site too!

By unzipping all these things you can learn how poser's system works... the DAZ figures will be "exe's" that you will just have to point to your poser in program files - like installing a program.

Many free items listed will be only clothing TEXTURES made for items of clothing you have to buy. You need to know that often clothes are "characters", not just people.
A few sites where the actual clothing with a texture is free: - always get P4 clothes for V3. Poser 5 uses "dynamic clothing" that will not work in P4. Once you get a Poser 4 dress for your new free V3 lady, you will load the lady first in poser, then go to the library to find the clothing, and click the TWO check marks to add a new figure... let the dress come into the scene and then to get it to go ON the figure, you need to go to:
FIGURE - Conform To... and then in the menu, tell it to conform to "figure 1" and the item will pop on to the lady! :)

Other clothing on that page will not FIT your free Vicki 3 figure. When looking for Mike.. you need to get M3 items only.. M1 or M2 will not fit your M3 figure. tee shirt for M3, not sure how good it is.. I got it too to take a look! :)
Many faces that you would think are texture skins are just face SHAPES, so unless it says TEXTURE, don't download.. you will not have the additional morphs to use the faces, expressions etc.

There is a lot of clothing and armor for the Poser figures too..if you do a search at renderosity for CONFORMING items... be aware you will see R rated thumbnails at times.. it is just the way it is... I just ignore those and move on... I am looking right now to see if I can find you a web site like the one for V3 clothes, for Mike3... I just found some loafer shoes for free... be sure and read the "readme" text files in things you download... often you may have to change a jpg to a bump map in poser... you need to read the help on that.. way too much for me to type out.

This site has a LOT of Poser 4 clothing...mostly comic book heros but you may find some things you can use.. you have to register (free) to even look at the free items... but it is a "clean" site, just made for folks who love super heros and heroines like Super man and Wonder woman etc.

Also know that in poser.. select the body part on the figure and then use the DIALS to move it, don't try dragging the mouse on a body part to move it, there is little control that way.

And also, please look here for a terrific dress suit for the free DAZ Mike3 figure!!:
and click PROJECT in the upper right...then click Michael.. you will find a really nice SUITE AND SHOES etc. for Mike 3. Be sure to download both the model and the textures!! SEE BELOW FOR NOTES ON USING THIS SUIT OF CLOTHES AND MORE ON USING POSER ITSELF!

As to where to find the V3 or M3 human models in your poser - and any future clothing you install... Look on the RIGHT SIDE of your Open poser. Think of it as a "drawer" to click to open like you did to find the little boy - Click figures, and click in the tiny space below the word figures, you have a LOT more "libraries" - click around there or on a tiny get a FLY OUT MENU and then look for DAZ PEOPLE. You will find your new figure here. When you get Michael, he will go into this same library too. Any clothes you get will go into a library with a name the creator gave it.

Note.. when you download a zip.. normally it will contain a RUNTIME. The way to install items is to copy and paste into Poser, via your Explorer! When there is no exe... you unzip, look for the RUNTIME folder - make sure there is not a runtime IN the runtime!! Sometimes people zipping up things will get that by mistake... make sure you have the inner most runtime... then copy that folder and paste into your Program Files-Curious Labs (or maybe Poser Artist says Metacreations, I have no idea which) - and then Poser (it might say Poser Artist or just Poser.) You will get a message that "there already is a Runtime, and do you want to over write it?" You say YES! Saying yes ONLY copies in the NEW files into all the right folder "hierarchy" for poser's use. This is the normal way to install things, Another way some folks use (and my older packages use) is a readme that tells "copy the folder named ** to your folder named** etc...

You might want to look closely at any runtime contents after unzipping and note the names of the folders so you know where to look for them later.

IMPORTANT NOTES on using the M3 suit at the Japanese site.. it's pretty nice but if you pose Michael you might get "poke through" of his body when you move his arm.. like his shoulder might that case (or in the case of toes poking through shoes etc.) you click on the body part that is poking through, and find your PROPERTIES menu and UN-CHECK "visible" so the body part becomes invisible under the clothing and allows for posing. Look under your top menu words Figure, or Object for the word Properties when you have the offending body part selected.

Look below your scene area - lower left... for the words "figure 1" and Body.. the second word always starts out camera.. but you need to click on it, and make the menu choice body before going to your Figure library to find clothes and to your POSE library to find the MATs to put the texture on.. a MAT is A MATERIAL ASSIGNER... it tells poser to put the texture on the item you have selected... so now be sure at this time to choose SUIT (or the name the creator gave the suit) and body, so the MAT for the suit texture you see in your POSE library will apply to the suit... might be one for the pants, the coat, the shoes... caution.. SHIRT is only collar and cuffs that will show under jacket!! It is not full shirt model.

Free Mike 3 jeans...the actual clothing model and jeans texture! :)) Do a search at Renderosity Fun Stuff for:
Worker Jeans for Mike 3
and download the exact one... the zip will be named for the creator, not jeans so you might want to make a folder named M3 Jeans so you don't forget what they are! :)

My Gallery at Renderosity is:

For creating whole scenes INSIDE Poser:
I use the Poser background set at DAZ called a "cyclorama" and then a texture set for it. -

and then this set: I think it was... I did join the DAZ "club" to get all these kinds of things for the $1.99 price... (club is $29.95 to join and $7.95 a month with a $5 voucher each month too) That and their sales really help make more things affordable. (with a lot of things being a bit over priced to start, frankly).... we have a cyclorama set of textures in our store too... it is such a handy way to create something right IN poser... Oh and in that image, for the stone I used this: (just parts of it)

I may add to this page as questions from new users arise.