Nicki's Antics... created with my 3d model version of my boy...See story below!

The incident that started me on this project was Nicki with his feet in his water dish! The story

I do a very "Mommy" thing these days...I give him my bottled water to drink…. Why? Because our tap water is SO nasty and my sink has no way to have a purifier on it, and the britta pitcher idea is too heavy for me… also our tap water is tepid/warm in the summer...and his tummy is so sensitive I just can't give him the mineral/chlorine laden water! So I decided I could afford to give my one and only little friend "good cool water". (my water is in cases stored in the coolest room) I just started this and he LOVES it, and he asks for the clean water to be poured bubbling into his dish… it’s a large dog dish so it won't tip. That is the back story.

One day I picked up the dish, washed it, and dried it so as not to have any icky tap water in it, then I set it back down empty because I had to go into the living room to get a bottle of water. As I walked out of his view, I heard the bowel sort of making a scraping noise and I figured he was pawing it in looking/wondering where his fresh water was….

When I got into the living room, I looked up through the "glass pain door" to where he was and I saw the funniest thing! He was sitting upright, with both front feet IN the dish, staring really hard at me! I laughed so hard!

He does other rather unusual things... he BITES my hair in a grooming/loving way, he gets up from a nap and stretches out ONE FRONT LEG only, really far out straight! The same leg, every time and forgets to stretch his other front leg. I guess he is "right handed"? He also often sits like a Meerkat against the wall, the top half leaning against the wall like an old man, with his bottom half all spread out.

When I laugh at him doing that he just sits there longer, knowing full well I am enjoying him to the fullest and proud of himself!

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