Me and the Girls
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See previous post link BELOW for how I made my mare's coat. The foal's coat is my own mil horse texture (Vista Internet Products) heavily posted* to match fact I actually changed the shape of the poser horse- post to better match my foal.  *"Post work" means that I work a lot in photoshop, painting and adding in effects...the manes and tails, etc. There was quite a LOT of this work to get this image to look close to the original... one thing I wish I had done, was to make my mare's belly look a lot more rounded- as it stays quite large right after foaling...but after 30 years I forgot this fact and the photo I was working from hides her large belly.... oh well! :) 



V4 with DAZ "real jeans" by BillyT, and AprilYSH's Amarseda hair (heavily posted), RDNA M3 sweater (from RDNA) with long sleeves made invisible and post worked - converted with Wardrobe Wizard. Moccasins by Rena and Thip from latest Native American for V4 set. Ground straw heavily tweaked ground freebie photo applied to a poser plane. I built the fence posts out of poser primitives with a poser material for wood... chain link fencing (with posts made invisible) by Traveler (props club)... .weeds/grass etc. Traveler - RDNA...and background by Laksmi (RMP) - I use a lot of Laksmi's backgrounds and love them! )).