Defending Their Prey
Lyne's Creations July 2004 All Rights Reserved

My re-mapped "Lion Pride" for the P4 lion, face off with the Hyenas
of my re-mapped P4 wolf, my freebie "Daz Eagle Vulture" morph/map
& my new ZYGOTE Zebra morph & re-map freebie. Post to brush out
hair and add dust. A close-up of the far off zebra group will be posted
tomorrow! (I know Lions would hunt and feast in the evening, but the
lighting was sooo much easier "in the day", and I was just having fun!)
Note, to brush out any hair in all my images, I make a copy of the area
and then brush that out, so as not to mess into the image itself.
Click here to go in close to see the Zebra Group!

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