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I enjoy creating new maps for the poser animals, often using photographs of animals for a more 
realistic look. This appaloosa is owned by a good friend of mine. I hand painted the palomino 
texture map. The cat is one of my own feline friends. I then added the 'Bryce bump' to the textures to give
them more life. The appaloosa has a 'reverse bump', so that the spots would be raised (as they
are on a real appy!). When painting the palomino, I added a texture to give it roughness in Photoshop. 
That  way the 'Bryce bump' had something to work with.

The mountains were NOT Anti-Aliased in the final render, to keep a more natural look.
To prevent an object in Bryce3 from Anti-Aliasing, select it, and click on the tiny 'A' next to it.
Then hold down the shift and control keys, while clicking on the checkmark. To undo this action,
click on the A again, then hold down just the shift key, and click on the check mark.  
The grass is created first from my own original Bryce grass material, with a bump. In Photoshop
I selected the foreground grass, and 'added noise'. I usually use a 'monochrome' noise so the color
stays true to my selection. Then I go to PhotoShop's Motion Blur, set the blur to go straight up,
at anywhere from 2 to 5. This results in the grass 'growing'! I added some tiny plants and twigs
in the grass with "nozzles". The tree was created in Tree Druid, with a little help from a 'leaf nozzle'.