Forest Bears
Lyne's Creations July 2004 All Rights Reserved


Just a quick one to test the new DAZ importer! I set up a scene in Poser 4, with my re-mapped DAZ Bears, RDNA new ground cover and pines.,. then saved and brought into DAZ Studio, then exported to folder for Bryce import. Once I got the NEW Bryce obj import plug in file in the MAIN Bryce plug-ins folder the trans mapping worked fine! Bryce 5 never looked so good and now is USEFUL because you can bring anything into it! Yea! I plan on using a lot of the RDNA ground covers, plants, and trees in Bryce! :)  _- and yes the Bear's legs/feet are sunken - into the ferns, not the ground.
Bryce 5, DAZ Studio Beta, DAZ/Bryce pz3 Plug-in and Poser 4.3, photoshop post.