Fall Days
Lyne's Creations October 2004 All Rights Reserved


Bountiful Knight's new Upcoming Vue "BK Forest Mats" adorn the Vue 4 maple tree trunks and leaves, with leafy water, and ground cover! I was beta testing and tilted the camera down to look at the water, and this is what my muse grabbed and ran with!!   I scaled the ground cover & leafy water mats up larger to achieve a very colorful  painterly look on purpose.  This set is really inspiring! My Canadian Geese models and my DAZ re-mapped Buck for the Buck and Doe round out the scene. The ONLY post was the water ripples behind the Geese, and a TINY bit of un-sharp mask to bring out the lovely textures after rendering. I love the way that vue will render, and then allow you to sharpen a little bit with no loss on an image!

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