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Lyne's Creation's Dino Zoo
Copyright June 2000 All Rights Reserved.
From left to right ~ Dedicated Digital's TRex dining on Dead Dino, Deb Ross Duckbill Dinos,
A bunch of Brontos, A Brachiosaurus ("vegie-saurs"!) reaching up for his salad, a Dimetrodon,
courtesy of Deb Ross's Komodo Dragon ~ modified by Ken Gilliland, Baby Camarasaurus's &
their concerned Mother, Two little bouncy Brachios on the border complete this prehistoric park!

I made 4 morphs for Debra's Bronto figure.  (the diplodocus is not out today)
Rendered in Bryce, although I refused to wait on Bryce for a month, so several
of the dinos are actually Poser 2D renders. Can you tell which ones are 2D?
Only the most minute post render touch up was done to the actual image,
in Photoshop, where I added the drop shadows, and words.