Clouded Leopard Watching!
Lyne's Creations copyright November 2003  All Rights Reserved

CloudedWatching.jpg (283235 bytes)

My Clouded Leopard from my Wild Cat Morphs and Maps for the DAZ Mil Cat,
overlooking the river - background by Linda in her: linwhite PRIMAL DREAMS package.
This quick render is with one of her images in the Backgrounds folder,
a composite in photoshop, with some color adjustments for the cat/limb.

Note: Limb cat is on is "Old Wood" found at RDNA. I added a bit of blue tone to it
to match the background limbs. Wood is amazing, I stretched it out longer with no change to map!
I have not yet had time to learn/play with the amazing speed lights included in the set!
No post but for the color adjustments, and some contrast on the background to deepen the colors.

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