Ode to CATS
Lyne's Creations Copyright March 2005  All Rights Reserved


I have long loved the musical play CATS after I saw the production in Los Angeles eons ago. I listen to the music CD occasionally, and recently got the English stage version that was filmed for DVD. This finally came together with:
Daio's felines for M3 & V3 (poserpros),
Ladylittlefox's "sandals" in her Dreamwalker set at RDNA for the leg warmers,
Firbirdz Passion poses a bit modified,
Little Dragon's (Renderosity Free Stuff) easy pose tail,
many of Sam3d's freebies - brick walls, fence, etc.
Phalen's bicycle, and a tire from a free car I think I got at PlanIT3d,
RDNA bridge I think it is - for the journey to the "heavy side layer",
RDNA English house chimneys,
for the sky - Universe Plug in for photoshop, and one of Linda White's backgrounds.
I used Poser 5, rendered in parts (with the P4 render engine) and layered together in photoshop for all the post work. I hope you can "hear" the music if you saw the play and see a little bit here...
I did look all around for more of a real "ally" set, but could not find anything. If I had something like that, I might be inclined to do another, and modify the "kitty coat colors" more and try some of the other characters...

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