Quiet Kill
Lyne's Creations copyright November 2003  All Rights Reserved

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What magic is this!? The linwhite PRIMAL DREAMS package extras work like a dream! I opened the pz3 included for this background, (perfect lighting already in place!) then I popped my Caracal cat (my Wild Cat Morph/Map of the DAZ Mil Cat) into the scene....and when I moved it into the "speed spot" (having to move it slightly back farther into the scene area) the cat was suddenly lit perfectly to go with the background! All I can say is WOW!! I did one render (even the render in larger window is set up for me!!) of the whole thing, then a render with no background so I could layer a copy of the cat in for brushing out it's fur. I also cloned a bit of ground cover over the paws and around the poor rabbit (my wild rabbit Jack rabbit model) to set them "into" the background. Raves to Linda and Romanceworks!
                                                       Primal Dreams can be found at Renderosity  

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