Cave Women Marshmallow Roast -
An Anachronism:
1. Representation of someone existing or something as happening
in other than the chronological, proper, or historical order.

Lyne's Creations copyright October 2003  All Rights Reserved

Anachron.jpg (215673 bytes)

WindTalker (skin textures) Vicki3's  wearing Harvey's fantastic "Legend" hair,
Tribal Wear II by Netherworks with Deerpath's Fur textures. The cave women
are roasting marshmallows from SnowFire Graphic's Eating Out Food set.
Poser 4 render, post in photoshop with Eye Candy 4000 (fire, smoke)
and Mystical Lighting to add a hint of fire light. Some smoothing of Vicki's
shoulders, ankles & knees. Wood from DAZ stove set, and stones from TransPond's
Desert Stones set. All set in the DAZ cyclorama, LaurieS textures.
Poser 4 render, photoshop post.

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